When people who regularly work out or compete get injured, it throws them off their game and they want to get back into form as soon as possible. The staff at Harbor Fitness is dedicated solely to getting you back in top form as soon as possible by pushing your body to its limits and beyond.


Performance Evaluations

If you have been injured or want to get into peak levels of fitness, our therapists will identify anything keeping you from being the best possible you there is.

Gym Therapy

Typical therapy regimens may not be enough for those who work out regularly, that’s why we have incorporated the gym’s equipment into treatment.

Nutritional Counseling

We help structure your diet into providing your body with what it needs to reach the next tier of your physical development and maximize your workouts.

Your Body. Your Journey.

Everyone’s got theories on just how to get your body to the next level. It’s our dedication to our own fitness paired with the science of biomechanics that sets us apart and pushes us to perfect the art of fine tuning the machine that is our body.



Each session is accompanied by a massage to promote blood flow and healing.

Performance Evaluations

We’ll find out what your limits are and then push you past them.


We provide fresh towels, shorts and t-shirts to make sure you’re dressed to get better.

Infused Water

Since, your going to be working on getting better, you’ll need a refreshment.


Have some extra time and need a little boost? How does a cappuccino sound?

Start Feeling Better

You've come this far, now its time to go the distance.



Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Sunday: 10am-3pm