Welcome to the Evolution

Welcome to the Evolution

Based in Brooklyn, Evolve Physical Therapy has been treating patients for over six years and has seen people from all walks of life come through our doors. The ailments that we have addressed are just as diverse as the customers we have seen, but the one underlying commonality among all of them is a desire to change their habits to promote better health and speed recovery. This has led us to develop our Fit For Life program.

Fit For Life is more than physical therapy. It’s about creating a healthy lifestyle for all people, client or not. With the proper motivation and guidance, we all can be the best version of us that there is. We don’t need to run a marathon or become body builders overnight, but take those important key steps to modify our lifestyles toward a fitness goal. This blog will be dedicated to that pursuit as well as managing pain and the underlying injuries therein. We hope you come by often and check our posts out or even sign up for our newsletter and get monthly updates to your inbox. See you soon!

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