About Evolve Physical Therapy

Evolve was founded in 2010 with the goal of giving our patients a more comprehensive type of physical therapy. One that focuses on the underlying issues rather than simply the pain itself. Time and again we’ve had patients come in with unsuccessful past physical therapy experiences, which were largely due to prior physical therapists not focusing on the injury as well as the dysfunction it was causing. We found that by integrating manual therapy, incremental mobilization, and targeted strength training we were able to not only reduce pain, but offer long term health and recovery to the affected areas.

Your Body, Your Journey

Each body is different and so are the types of injuries we endure. It is because of this that we develop a unique and individualized recovery program tailored just for you with dedicated one-on-one attention from our physical therapists. We also provide you with multiple locations to choose the type of environment that best suits your personality and fitness levels. Our main physical therapy clinic location at 3319 Avenue N, located in the heart of Marine Park, features a tranquil and relaxing spa-like environment, while 6161 Strickland Avenue is located in Mill Basin’s Harbor Fitness and is designed for more athletic patients. At 191 15th Street, we have our third location at Park Slope's Harbor Fitness which is meant to push you further.