Anterior Hip Pain and How to Manage It

How does the hip work?

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that comprises the top of the thigh. The femur, which is your thigh bone, sits into the acetabulum, which is the socket that allows it to remain both stable and mobile, and to allow for movement without dislocation.

What is Anterior Hip Pain and what are it's causes?

Anterior hip pain is most often caused by a strain in the hip flexor muscles which are located at the front of the hip. A strain, which is a injury to a muscle or tendon, causes a painful sensation to the hip which heavily contributes while walking, running or squatting. These strains are common with overtraining, strength imbalances, poor technique, inflexibility and forceful contractions such as kicking and sprinting. The most common and impactful of these is overtraining which includes insufficient rest and difficult training sessions. Consistent overtraining sessions will result in micro trauma which accumulate and result in a possible hip flexor strain or tendonitis. 

Myofascial Release of the Anterior Hip

In this video, Chris Desiderio, DPT will explain how to release some tension that may be in the front of the hip in order to help the hip flexors function optimally.

Posterior Mobilization

In this video, Chris will demonstrate a mobilization of the hip in a posterior direction to help release the front of the joint capsule.

Standing External Rotations

In this video, Chris will demonstrate a standing external rotation, which can help strengthen the gluteus medius to prevent anterior hip pain.