Physical Therapy After Surgery & Post Op Care

Post-Surgical Care and Physical Therapy

Have you recently had a major surgery and need help getting back to where you were prior to injury and now surgery? At Evolve, our team of highly experienced physical therapists can help you over the course of your healing and recovery process.

Your physical therapy plan can start to take place a few hours to a few days after surgery. Evolve is an outpatient physical therapy clinic that can work with you to improve your strength and mobility post-surgery.

Post-Surgery Recovery Goals

The primary goal of completing a physical therapy plan post-surgery is to return to your previous activity level. Your physical therapist can help you develop a plan to complete daily activities, as well as teach you how to modify any movements until you can make a full recovery.

What post-operative treatment methods might be used?

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There are many different types of physical therapy methods that may be utilized over the course of your post-operative treatment. Below are a few examples:

  • Flexibility and Range of Motion Exercises

  • Exercises to strengthen Your Muscles

  • Coordination Training

  • Gait Training

  • Manual Physical Therapy

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Surgeries that Require Postoperative Physical Therapy

It is very common that if you have surgery you will need physical therapy to heal properly. Here are a few of the most common surgeries that require postoperative physical therapy.

Hip, Joint, and Knee Replacements: Completing a physical therapy exercise program is key to your recovery during this type of surgery. These exercises will help you to build your muscles back up around the area that was replaced so that you can get back to your regular daily activities faster.

Tendon/Ligament Reconstruction: Physical therapy services post-surgery will incorporate a combination of coordination, strength, and flexibility exercises. It can also help to relieve pain after tendon and ligament reconstruction.

Spinal Surgery: After a spinal surgery, your physical therapist will form a treatment plan that is specific to your surgery, body type, and the condition of the tissues in your body. By taking part in these exercises you can speed up recovery and reduce the potential of frequent episodes of back pain.

Shoulder Surgeries: When you have surgery on your shoulder you may notice that you have trouble with basic everyday tasks like getting dressed or doing your hair. Often times a post-surgery physical therapy plan is needed to get you back to where you were prior to the surgery. A few of the most common shoulder surgeries include: Rotator cuff repairs, labrum repairs, shoulder replacements, and fracture repairs.

Post-Surgical Care Recovery Services with Evolve

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If you have recently had a surgery then chances are you need physical therapy. It is the best way to regain the strength and mobility that you had prior to surgery, and it can increase your chances at making a full recovery. Contact us today to learn how we can help you restore function and mobility with our innovative physical therapy services. Your first consultation is free of charge. We look forward to working with you!

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