Manual therapy is a hands-on manipulative type of physical therapy that your physical therapist can use to reduce areas of pain and discomfort. My team and I can take you through a series of exercises to increase your strength and flexibility. We can target any affected soft tissues and help you regain mobilization.


When my team and I take you through manual therapy exercises you can start to reduce any discomfort caused by your injury or chronic condition. We will use our hands to check for alignment issues and areas of pain. Then we will take you through a specific set of motions to help reduce any problems and discomfort that you may be having. This unique set of movements will help you to strengthen weak muscle groups in your body and can also help you with pain management.


If you are an athlete or deal with chronic pain, our manual therapy services can help you. Whether you have an injury or illness that is causing you frequent discomfort, my team and I can help to improve daily functions of your soft tissues and joints through stretching and manual physical therapy methods.


Manual Therapy is an effective hands-on approach that I recommend for treatment of the muscles, ligaments and joints. With this kind of therapy my team and I will feel your body to check for areas of pain, alignment issues, and tenderness. Manual therapy is a passive type of physical therapy where we will move your body for you and take you through a series of exercises and stretches. I’ve found that with manual therapy we can target areas of pain or discomfort with specialized movements to strengthen weak muscle groups and improve mobility.

If you suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain, headaches and orthopedic conditions you can definitely benefit from manual therapy.

What manual therapy techniques can reduce chronic pain and heal injuries?

There are many methods and techniques that I believe can be very beneficial to incorporate into manual therapy to treat pain and injuries.

Myofascial Release: This technique will focus on reducing pain and tightness in your trigger points. We often use this over a large area and not just the specific trigger points that you may have. Myofascial release is used during a massage therapy session and where our therapists will massage the affected areas to promote pain relief.

Trigger Point Release: Trigger points are sensitive areas of soft tissue that can be treated with trigger point release therapy. My team and I will focus on massaging and pressing on trigger points to help reduce any pain that you may be experiencing.

Stretching/Active Stretching: I like to incorporate a variety of stretches and active stretching into manual therapy sessions. Stretching can improve your range of motion and flexibility.

Deep Tissue Massage: If you are recovering from an injury, or suffer from chronic pain, having us perform a deep tissue massage may be helpful. Our deep tissue massages will usually focus on a specific problem and can help you with pain management.

Osteopathic Manipulation: Our therapists use this type of therapy to help treat injuries and even prevent them before they occur. By combining stretching, gentle pressure, and resistance, our physical therapists can reduce pain and help to improve your mobility.

Soft Tissue Mobilization: The soft tissue mobilization method was created to improve mechanical movement and restore your range of motion. Depending on what areas of the body have been affected during your accident or injury, our therapists will apply various amount of pressure to break down any adhesions that may have formed.

Joint Mobilization: If your joints are limiting your range of motion, my physical therapy team and I may use this method to help improve your mobility. The motions used in joint mobilization will strengthen surrounding tissue of any affected joints to allow you to gain a normal range of motion as well as decrease pain.

Muscle Energy Techniques: We can treat dysfunctional joints by using muscle contractions to relax and lengthen your muscles. Muscle energy techniques can also normalize the motion of your joints.

Do you experience daily muscle and joint pain?

If you are dealing with everyday pain in your muscles and joints, then our manual therapy sessions may be the right choice for you. We want to help you begin your journey to healing. You can contact our team today to schedule a consultation at our New York manual therapy center

Who can benefit from manual therapy techniques?

Below are some of the many conditions that i’ve seen manual therapy sessions improve:

Hip & Knee Replacement: Are you are recovering from a hip, knee, or even joint replacement? I’ve seen first hand how manual therapy can promote regular muscle and joint movement, and assist in getting you back to where you were before the surgery.

Arthritis/Osteoporosis: Maybe you suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis? The techniques that we use in an individual manual therapy plan can help you with pain management.

Headaches: Do you get headaches often? People who get tension headaches and migraines may also benefit from our manual therapy sessions.

TMJ: If you have temporomandibular joint dysfunction, a condition that limits the jaw, you may be a great candidate for manual therapy. My team and I can use a hands-on approach to help manage the pain that is often associated with TMJ.

fibromyalgia: This is a condition that consists of chronic pain and fatigue. While there currently is no cure for fibromyalgia, experienced physical therapists like we have here at Evolve can help you to manage your pain and even improve mobility.

I’ve seen how these conditions along with many others can benefit from our manual therapy techniques and sessions. If you or someone you know is recovering from an injury or has chronic joint and muscle pain, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

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Soft Tissue Stimulation

Soft Tissue Stimulation

Manual physical therapy will stimulate any affected soft tissues to promote healing and reduce chronic pain.

Relief for Tense Muscles

Relief for Tense Muscles

If you find yourself with stiff muscles the exercises and stretching used in manual physical therapy plans can provide relief for your muscles.

Improved Joint Function

Improved Joint Function

Manual therapy is a great way to improve joint function after an accident or injury.

Reduced Pain

Reduced Pain

Chronic pain and tenderness from an injury can be targeted through our innovative manual therapy services.

Leave us your contact information and we'll make sure to get you scheduled for your first one-on-one visit with a physical therapist completely free.

Leave us your contact information and we’ll make sure to get you scheduled for your first  one-on-one visit with a physical therapist completely free.

Leave us your contact information and we’ll make sure to get you scheduled for your first

one-on-one visit with a physical therapist completely free.








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