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Working in the physical therapy space i’ve seen numerous kinds of injuries. The worst and most common are usually in athletes.

In the past, the medical community has found that prehabilitation or prehab was primarily a group of exercises used to prepare someone to undergo surgery. Often resulting in a combination of aerobic exercises and strength training. It has been proven that by establishing this exercise routine prior to your surgery that will you have a better chance at having a full recovery. Your doctor may recommend that you start prehab at least six weeks prior to your surgery.

While prehab is still an excellent choice for surgical candidates, I’ve found that athletes can greatly benefit from using it as a method of injury prevention. The movements that we use in our prehabilitation sessions can help reduce the likelihood of injury during physical activity.

Before my team creates your customized prehab plan, you will have a full body evaluation from one of our physical therapists. This allows us to formulate a plan to address and correct any areas of muscle weakness.

Prehab as Functional Fitness

Over the years I have witnessed the focus of prehabilitation therapy shift. While it is still often used prior to surgery, the growing trend is to use it as a means of injury prevention. Prehab exercises can be used as a form of functional fitness to improve everyday exercises, and can also help athletes strengthen areas that are often more prone to injury.

How can prehab help athletes?

Are you an athlete considering taking part in an injury prevention program? Let us help you take your fitness to the next level by having a prehab plan in place. Having worked with numerous athletes i’ve seen bodies that have been pushed to the limit from rigorous training. Eventually the stress it may put on your body can start to have negative effects, including injury. To stop your future injury in its tracks prehab uses a combination of exercises that focus on core strength, coordination and stabilization of the hips, as well as stabilization of your back. Specific exercises can also be used to target any other weak areas that you may have.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until You’re Injured or Need Surgery to Start Prehab

Most athletes will get injured at some point in their career and need to start a rehabilitation plan, or even have surgery to fix their problems. Why wait until you are injured to fix and strengthen those areas that are more susceptible to injuries? When you start a prehab exercise routine it gives you a way to get proactive about your fitness. The exercises we use with prehabilitation have been shown to help prevent injuries as well as shorten your recovery time if you would happen to get hurt during athletic training or exercise.

What can prehabilitation exercises help with?

Prehab can help with the following and more:
  • Athletic Performance
  • Hip and Knee Replacement
  • Joint Replacement
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • ACL Repair
  • Rotator Cuff Repair

Can prehabilitation shorten my recovery time?

Prehabilitation exercises have the ability to help prevent injuries before they happen, as well as provide the possibility of a greater outcome post-surgery.

Having physical therapy and prehab prior to surgery can help in the following ways:
  • Regain your strength faster and increase your recovery speed
  • Shorter hospital stays due to faster recovery
  • It mentally prepares you for surgery
  • It may decrease the possibility of high risk side effects
  • An increase in the overall outcome of your surgery

Is there more to prehabilitation than just exercise?

Prehab is not limited to just stretching and exercise. While this is a vital part of your prehabilitation treatment, there are other areas of your health that your primary doctor may want to adjust prior to surgery or to increase your athletic performance including changes to diet and lifestyle, breathing and meditation exercises, aerobic exercises, and potentially even changes to your medication.

Increase Your Athletic Performance with Prehab

At Evolve, we want to help you understand how injuries occur and how to avoid them. My physical therapy team and I can teach you exercises to help you prevent injury and to increase performance enhancement. If you are an athlete that already has to have surgery, we can show you exercises to assist in a faster recovery as well as provide tips on how to avoid reinjury. Contact our team to start your individualized prehab program today. Call: 1-718-258-3300

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Soft Tissue Stimulation

Soft Tissue Stimulation

Improved Posture and Form: Prehab exercises are great for improving balance, posture, and form through a set of strategic movements.

Relief for Tense Muscles

Relief for Tense Muscles

Enhanced Muscle Endurance: By using these exercises before a workout or training session you can strengthen individual muscle groups.

Improved Joint Function

Improved Joint Function

Better Core Stability: Having a strong core is key to maintaining optimum fitness levels. Prehab exercises can help you to build yours up.

Reduced Pain

Reduced Pain

Performance Enhancement: When you use these types of stretches and exercise you can enhance your performance by conditioning your body as a whole.

Leave us your contact information and we'll make sure to get you scheduled for your first one-on-one visit with a physical therapist completely free.

Leave us your contact information and we’ll make sure to get you scheduled for your first  one-on-one visit with a physical therapist completely free.

Leave us your contact information and we’ll make sure to get you scheduled for your first

one-on-one visit with a physical therapist completely free.








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