Parkinsons PT

How Can Parkinson's Physical Therapy Help Me With My Condition?

How can Parkinson's Physical Therapy help me? Parkinson's Physical Therapy is an exercise program that has been built for those that are living with Parkinson’s Disease. By participating in a variety of exercises that include strength training, balance, and muscular endurance, you can start to build back up what Parkinson’s has taken from you. My team and I can walk you through some of these general boxing exercises during our Rock Steady Boxing Classes for people living with Parkinson’s disease. Give us a call today to join.

How Does the Parkinson's Physical Therapy Program Work?

How does this program work? With our Parkinsons physical therapy programs along with the new Rock Steady Boxing classes for people living with parkinson’s disease, my team and I have found that if you just keep pushing through these workouts that you can begin to improve your mobility, strength, and flexibility during the progression of this disorder. These classes provide hope to those suffering from this movement disorder.  

How Long Until I See Results?

How long will it take to start seeing or feeling results? Every individual body is different, but by taking the time to put in the work with our specialized Parkinson’s physical therapy program and Rock Steady Boxing classes you will see results. The exercises used in this program can help you with increased mobility and even regaining control of your limbs.