Rock Steady Group Boxing Classes now in Brooklyn, NYC at Evolve Physical Therapy!

Rock Steady Group Boxing Classes now in Brooklyn, NYC at Evolve Physical Therapy!

What is Rock Steady Boxing?

Rock Steady Boxing is a unique exercise program based on training used by boxing pros and adapted to people with Parkinson’s disease, and will now be available in Brooklyn, NY! The program involves regular exercises, such as stretching, bicycling, running, jump-roping, push-ups, balancing and lots of non-contact boxing, led by experienced trainers and coaches. Rock Steady Boxing serves both men and women of all ages and levels of ability.

Is Rock Steady Boxing Safe?

At Evolve, training classes are taught by Physical Therapists and Certified Personal Trainers, and include an exercise program that attacks Parkinson’s at its vulnerable neurological points. Rock Steady Boxing is proven safe and effective addition to a treatment program for Parkinson's disease. It is a non-contact boxing training program led by certified trainers and physical therapists that are experienced with helping people with PD. While focusing on overall fitness, strength training, reaction time and balance, workouts include: focus mitts, heavy bags, speed bags, double-ended bags, jump rope, core work, calisthenics and circuit weight training. No boxing experience is necessary and people of all ages are invited to participate. Boxers, both male and female, range in age from mid-30s to early 90s. 

Evolve Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, NY has licensed physical therapists who have been treating patients with Parkinson’s Disease in NYC for over 25 years. Evolve has teamed up with RSB to offer another truly great way to help the Parkinson’s community get stronger and better.

The History

The Rock Steady Boxing Method was developed in Indianapolis over the course of seven years by former Marion County, Indiana Prosecutor, Scott C. Newman, who is currently living with Parkinson’s. In 2012, the Training Camp was launched to share the Rock Steady Boxing Method with other people who are fighting back against Parkinson’s. Today, there are 515 Rock Steady Boxing centers around the world, initiated by certified Rock Steady Boxing coaches, and that number is constantly growing.

It is estimated that 1-1.5 million Americans have Parkinson’s disease, with as many as 60,000 people newly diagnosed with PD each year.

Rock Steady Boxing can help by moving your body in all planes of motion while continuously changing the routine as you progress through the workout. RSB classes have proven that anyone, at any level of Parkinson’s, can actually lessen their symptoms and lead a healthier/happier life.

Can Rock Steady Help You?

  1. Classes - RSB offers four different levels of classes to accommodate varying degrees of Parkinson’s/fitness.

  2. Support - The PTs at Evolve Physical Therapy have years of experience with patients with Parkinson’s Disease, and know how to help patients move and feel better at any degree of fitness. We strive to help patients feel strong and empowered, and work hard to reduce the progression of symptoms, which is why Evolve and Rock Steady make a great match!

  3. Camaraderie - Friends for fighters and caregivers. Group fitness classes and positive atmosphere are proven to push fighters to work harder and will help them get better at a faster pace.