Parkinson’s disease can be conquered!

Parkinson’s Disease and Physical Therapy


“Do not hold a patient’s coat as long as he can put him on by himself”, says the main advice to a family whose member is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Despite numerous medical achievements, there are still conditions which cannot be avoided regardless of the quality of one's life.

These would include degenerative diseases, and among them is  Parkinson’s.

What are the early and most common signs of Parkinson’s disease?

It is essential that we always pay attention to everything that would seem out of the ordinary. In patients with Parkinson’s we often have non motor signs appearing before motor symptoms, sometimes 5 to 10 years earlier.

These would include symptoms like hyposmia, when patient has a deficiency in sense of smell, anxiety, depression, and sometimes even dementia. However, motor signs are the ones we will be more focused on, because that is our sphere of intervention.

As a physical therapist, one of the most common questions I get from patients is how can they stop their hands from shaking. And I think most of you will agree that it is the first thing that came on your mind when the word “Parkinson’s” was mentioned. Mainly, we mean shaking, or tremor of the hands when they are still. It is an involuntary, quivering movement occurring at rest, and can sometimes be extremely mild and often difficult to diagnose. It is very important for you to know that this particular symptom characteristically appears when you do not move.

So, your next question may be “Well, should I move more often then?”

The answer is – yes. From a physical therapist standpoint, active movement and exercise is and will be your best friend during your journey towards feeling better. Especially when It comes to Parkinson’s disease. My team and I here at Evolve can offer you not only standard physical therapy treatment, but something much more exciting, believe me!

How can physical therapy for Parkinson’s disease help me


We did talk about the most recognizable symptom, but there are far more issues we can address in our profession as physical therapists. Meaning those that disrupt motor skills even more, and prevent you from functioning properly in the activities of your daily life.

Bradykinesia and Rigidity represent major symptoms in this condition, and manifest as slowness of movement and stiffness of the muscular system. Both have a great impact on a patient’s life. By conducting various aspects of physical therapy treatment such as ones we offer at Evolve your symptoms can be surely be eased, but only if there is a continuance of exercise. Exercise is your best friend, always remember that!

Early treatment by means of physical therapy and rehab is crucial, because besides taking medication, this is the only way you can try to stop the progression of the disease. In that area we can help.

What does Parkinson rehabilitation look like?

At Evolve physical therapy in Brooklyn, in order for us to start with your treatment session we must conduct certain tests by evaluating your balance, overall postural status when standing still, sitting and turning around, as well as flexibility and even joint mobility.

Joint movements through passive range of motion will help you retain flexibility in muscles and prevent shortening, while active movements keep away further progression and complications.

The priority should be on exercising and maintaining good coordination and posture while walking, or performing functional movements. For that, preventing rounded shoulder posture is the key, as well as shifting the center of gravity to be more behind. This will help with the characteristic “skiing position” as I like to call it, when patients appear to be tilted in front while walking.

Reduction of muscle hypertonia is also important, and for that we use techniques like massage, cryotherapy, and thermotherapy.

We discussed the tremor in hands, and to fight it, one must move them. Remember this – active movement reduces trembling. Holding objects with both hands will also help, providing a more secure grip and stability of the hand. As we always say here, nothing can come over night. Going slow is essential, and it will give you a strong foundation. Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

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How can Rock Steady exercise for Parkinson’s help you?

Do you remember when I mentioned that we have something more exciting to offer other than regular physical therapy? Well, our Rock Steady exercise program gives you the opportunity to fight Parkinson’s in a more, should I say, active manner. What can be more active than fighting it – literally!

By incorporating the elements of boxing into your exercise and rehab program, you can benefit not only because It’s good fun and extremely entertaining, but it can significantly change the outcome of regular rehabilitation sessions.


How can Rock Steady Boxing make a change?

It makes a huge upgrade to your hand-eye, and overall coordination, it reduces tremors, and gives you better stability and postural control. You will get a chance to learn how to execute punches, move your feet rhythmically, improve your speed, and increase your strength.

The Rock Steady Boxing for Parkinson’s program offers an opportunity to anyone willing to face their condition head-on. Apart from this being so unusual to anyone trying to make a connection between it and Parkinson’s disease, boxing as a method of treatment has shown tremendous results on the psychological side.

It is a lot easier when you have someone next to you who shares similar problems, and will gladly work as hard as possible to make themselves feel well again. This improves one’s motivation as well as self-determination, which are an invaluable asset alongside their willpower. If we check the boxes right here together, then all you have left to do is to sign up by clicking here- Rock Steady Boxing classes.

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