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Physical Therapy for Runners

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At Evolve, we utilize running therapy and gait retraining to help you recover from injuries and to improve athletic performance. Our programs are geared towards helping you improve in the following areas: Standing, walking, and running.

Over the years running and gait technologies have greatly advanced. This allows for our skilled physical therapists to better target your injury, and help you during each step of your recovery process. Whether you’re an experienced athlete looking to improve your running form, or you have an injury, we’ve got you covered.

The Running & Gait Evaluation Process

The first part of running therapy and gait training is to have your physical therapist perform an initial evaluation. This allows them to create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve all your goals. There are different evaluations used depending on if you are having physical therapy to treat an injury, or improve athletic performance and running form. Let’s take a look below.

The following may be included in your running and gait analysis physical therapy evaluation:

Running History Review: During your initial evaluation, your physical therapist may ask you questions about your running and athletic history. Including discussion about different training methods that you use and any previous injuries that you may have had.

Orthopedic Exam: This exam will focus on the movement of your muscles, joints, and tendons in relation to your running and gait.

Observational Analysis: You will run on a treadmill while being recorded so that your therapist can analyze what needs to improve in your running form. This allows us to pinpoint any areas that may need improvement.

What can be observed during gait analysis:

  • What part of your foot is hitting the ground first

  • Your turnover rate: How many times your feet hit the ground per minute

  • How your body flows during movement and if it is the same on each side

  • How hard does your foot strike the ground when you put it down

  • How your ankles, hips, and knees are angled as you move

  • And we will also look at how long each of your strides are

When might you need running therapy and gait retraining?

If you are a runner, you may have already suffered from one of the injuries below. By taking part in running and gait training you can heal, and learn how to reduce the occurrence of these injuries by learning more about proper running form and pain relieving exercises.

Common Running Injuries

  • Runners knee: While runners knee is a common occurrence for runners, it can affect others as well. It can be brought about by overuse, problems with your feet, unbalanced muscles, and even taking a direct hit to your knee.

  • Achilles Tendonitis: This injury is often caused by the overuse of your Achilles tendon. It can occur after intense runs, or as a result of sports.

  • Hamstring injuries: Some of the most seen hamstring injuries are pulls and muscle tears. It can vary in severity and is most common in athletes.

  • Plantar fasciitis: This is pain in the heel and can also vary in terms of severity.

  • Stress Fractures: Jumping and long distance running can eventually lead to stress fractures. These are a common sports related injury.

Are you a good candidate for running therapy and gait training?

If you have recently been in an accident that has affected your ability to walk, stand, or run, or you have a sports injury, running therapy techniques and gait training can be beneficial for you. At Evolve, our number one priority is patient care. Our team will work with you to get you back in tip top shape.

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