Evolve Physical Therapy Announces Parkinson's Disease Community Outreach Event in Brooklyn, NY.

Professional Physical Therapy Clinic in Brooklyn, Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation, Set to Host Community Awareness Rock Steady Boxing Event for People Living with Parkinson's Disease, June 4th, 2019.

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With over one million people projected to be living with Parkinson's disease (PD) in the U.S. By 2020, along with approximately 60,000 Americans getting diagnosed with Parkinson's disease each year, raising general awareness for this debilitating condition has and is currently sparking an uptick in the generation of a myriad of innovative ideas, treatments, and influencing funding into new and existing Parkinson's disease research programs.

One of these creative Parkinson's Disease treatment programs, Rock Steady Boxing, was founded to directly combat the many progressive physically degrading symptoms associated with this terrible condition. Rock Steady Boxing focuses first and foremost on improving an individual's overall quality of living. The program introduces people living with Parkinson's disease to fun, upbeat, and creative exercise and fitness regimens that incorporates professionally boxing training methodologies. The Rock Steady Boxing program offers people living with Parkinson's disease the opportunity to train and improve motor skills with other people living with PD, adding even further to the camaraderie and positive atmosphere of the entire program.

NBC Nightly News Story- https://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/boxing-class-helps-those-with-parkinson-s-fight-back-against-the-disease-1349156931984

The owner of Evolve Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation, Louis Ezrick, researched into the Rock Steady Boxing program, took into account the many patients that were looking for “out of the box” PD treatment options, and immediately incorporated this innovative Parkinson's disease treatment program at all three of his physical therapy clinics throughout Brooklyn, NY. Evolve Physical Therapy has since contributed to raising awareness to this special program through local and national major media outlets, community driven events, and was also featured on NBC Nightly News.


Evolve Physical Therapy's last community event was a family appreciation day hosted by NYU doctors at the Sparks for Life Center in Brooklyn, and attracted around 100 interested individuals.

The latest Rock Steady Boxing Parkinson's disease community awareness event hosted by Evolve Physical Therapy is set for June 4th, 2019. It will start at 1 p.m at the Sephardic Community Center, located at 1901 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11223. “Introduction to Rock Steady Boxing for Men & Women with Parkinson’s Disease. All ages and levels of ability are welcome to attend. This event will be led by Lou Ezrick, Dr. of Physical Therapy, and Certified Personal trainers.

“This is a safe and effective exercise program adapted to people of any level of Parkinson’s. It involves exercises for overall fitness such as stretching, strength training, core work, reaction time, balance, and non contact boxing”, stated Lou Ezrick of Evolve Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, NY. The Rock Steady Boxing program can reduce progression of associated symptoms, allow people to live a healthier life, make them feel stronger and more empowered over their life, while doing so in an extremely positive atmosphere.

This is a free community outreach event to inform, share, and support those who are living with Parkinson's disease and are looking for new symptomatic treatment options.

For more information and to RSVP,

Contact Linda Eber at 718-954-3154. Linda[at]scclive.org.

About Rock Steady Boxing-

Rock Steady Boxing (RSB) was founded in 2006, by a young onset patient who wanted to challenge his diagnosis of PD. RSB was derived from the founder's personal regimen designed by a professional boxing trainer. Today, there are over 450 RSB programs worldwide.


About Evolve Physical Therapy in Brooklyn, NY-

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