Schroth Method Physical Therapy Service for Scoliosis

The Schroth Method and Treating Scoliosis

Do you suffer from daily pain and irritation related to scoliosis? There have been many advances in scoliosis treatment over the years including the Schroth Method. The Schroth Method is a physical therapy technique that can help you to stop the progression of your scoliosis and has even been proven to reduce pain.

At Evolve New York, our team of professional therapists can help you to find relief from your scoliosis today.

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis often appears as a curve in the form of “c” or an “s” shape in your spine. Depending on the severity of your case, there are a few different treatment options.

  • Physical Therapy Services (like the Schroth method): Physical therapy is the primary way to regain strength and mobility that may be lost due to scoliosis.

  • Bracing: Your doctor may recommend bracing to prevent your spine from curving further.

  • Surgery: If you are not able to find any relief from your scoliosis then surgery may be an option that is recommended by your doctor.

Symptoms of Scoliosis

Below are a few signs and symptoms of scoliosis:

  • Uneven Shoulder Height

  • Uneven Hip and Waist

  • Pain in or Around Your Spine

How can physical therapy help my scoliosis?

Schroth Method physical therapy in Brooklyn

Physical therapy can help to restore your range of motion as well as your mobility. Below are a few types of exercises that can help:

The Schroth Method: The Schroth Method is a series of stretches and exercises that target your scoliosis specifically and can help to reduce the curvature of your spine.

Range of Motion Exercises: This type of exercise can help to improve any limitations that you may have due to pain associated with scoliosis.

Strength Training: Due to the change in position of your spine you may experience weakness in your hips and shoulders. By utilizing strength training exercises, you can build any areas of weakness back up.

Manual Therapy: Manual therapy is a hands-on approach that targets your ligaments and muscle tissue.

Functional Training: By using functional training you can learn how to retrain your body to complete activities.

What is the primary goal of the Schroth Method?

The main goal of the Schroth method is to de-rotate, elongate, and stabilize your spine. There are three main focuses of using this method including: Restoring muscular symmetry, breathing exercises, and posture awareness.

Muscular Symmetry: Depending on how severe your scoliosis is you will need exercises to restore the function in the weak side of your body.

Rotational Angular Breathing: One of the most important steps of the Schroth method is breathing exercises. Angular breathing is used to assist with reshaping your ribcage as well as the surrounding tissues.

Posture Awareness: By focusing on your posture awareness you can learn what positions could make your scoliosis worse.

How can the Schroth Method Help Your Scoliosis?

  • It can Improve Your Posture

  • Improvement in Core Stability and Strength

  • Reduced Pain

  • Breathing can Become Easier

  • Improved Mobility

Should I utilize the Schroth Method during my physical therapy sessions?

Schroth physical therapy

If you have scoliosis and are looking for a method that has shown great results, the Schroth method might be for you. This type of physical therapy can help you to prevent your scoliosis from advancing and it can help reduce the curvature of your spine.

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