Occupational Physical Therapy Services

What is occupational therapy?

You may need to have to go in for occupational therapy if you have been injured or have a chronic condition that affects your ability to complete daily activities. Your occupational therapist can not only treat your physical body, but your motor skills, emotions, and quality of life as well. At Evolve, our team can help you reach all your daily living goals with our specialized occupational therapy services.

How can an occupational therapist help you?

Every occupational therapy plan will start with an evaluation of your health history, recent injuries, as well as what activities you need help with to perform your normal daily routines. We will use this information and work with you to create your individual occupational therapy treatment plan. An occupational therapist can also help you with the following: 

  • Education on how to prevent injuries

  • We can educate you on your individual healing and treatment process

  • Train and educate you on how to complete daily activities correctly.

  • We can also teach you how to modify and adjust daily living activities to be more comfortable and ergonomically correct.

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Where can I find an occupational therapist?

Occupational therapists work with people of all ages. You can find them almost anywhere including:

  • Physical Therapy Clinics

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Home Health Care

  • Assisted Living Facilities

  • Outpatient Medical Centers

What can an occupational therapist assist you with?

There are many different activities of daily living that they can help you relearn how to do. Below are a few examples

  • Dressing

  • Bathing

  • Eating

  • Functional Mobility

  • Communication

  • Meal Prep

  • Work Activities 

  • And more!

What kinds of injuries or health problems can your occupational therapist help with?


Below are a few of the many different conditions that our team can assist with.

Arthritis: This is inflammation of your joints that causes pain and can get worse over time. An occupational therapist can teach you how to adjust your home or place of work to better suit your condition. They can also help you learn how to modify your everyday activities. 

Stroke:  When someone has a stroke, depending on how large it is and what area of the brain is affected, you may need occupational therapy to relearn daily activities. 

Brain Injury: Depending on the severity and the type of brain injury that you have, you may need to work with an occupational therapist to relearn how to complete daily tasks and regain anything that you may have lost.

Joint Replacements: Having a joint replaced can be a painful process. You may realize after your surgery that you are struggling to regain the mobility that you once had. This is where physical and occupational therapy comes in. By taking part in a plan that has been customized to your abilities you can learn how to take your life back.

Multiple Sclerosis: If you have multiple sclerosis an occupational therapist can help you with daily living activities, home management tasks, and work related duties. Each of these can be tailored to suit your current activity levels.

Our Occupational Therapy Services Can Help You Check Off All Your Daily Living Goals

Here at Evolve, our highly skilled team is ready to help you find the strength and mobility you need to get your daily life back in order. With years of experience in the physical therapy field, we know that every body and situation is different. Our holistic approach to occupational therapy will find the solutions that you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.  

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