The Benefits of Occupational Physical Therapy for the Workplace

The Benefits of Occupational Therapy for the Workplace

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An Occupational Therapist (OT) helps to access people suffering from physical or even mental illness. Your OT will work with you to evaluate your injury, formulate a therapy plan to help you reach your goals, and assist you with exercises and treatment during the duration of your injury.

Occupational therapists often treat a large variety of work related injuries. Some of the most common of which are: Tendon inflammations, nerve disorders, and sprains. With the use of occupational therapy your therapist can help you recover from your injury and regain any skills that you may have lost along the way.


Occupational Therapy Services

Outpatient occupational therapy services can assist you if you have had hand, elbow, or wrist trauma, tendonitis, neurological trauma, concussions, and other work and sports related injuries.


Some of the following are commonly used services to assist in individual therapy treatment plans.

  • Using physical agent modalities

  • Training in adaptive techniques

  • Therapeutic exercises

  • Therapeutic activities including task simulation

  • And more!

Common Careers That See Frequent Workplace Injuries

  1. Construction Workers: Due to the responsibilities of the job, construction workers often operate heavy machinery and do a lot of lifting. This type of movement can often result in injury that may require occupational therapy.

  2. Subway Workers: General upkeep and maintenance of the subway system can take its toll on you as well. Not to mention put you in some dangerous situations that may result in injury.

  3. Taxi Drivers: As a driver, there is always the possibility of getting into a wreck or a car accident.

  4. Sanitation Workers: Workers in the sanitation field face the risk of physical injury on the job, and the possibility of an accident caused by reckless drivers that attempt to pass their trucks.

  5. Factory Workers: Factories are not always the safest place to be employed. Whether you get injured while working with required machinery, or have health complications due to extreme environments, there is a possibility that you may need occupational therapy for your injury.

  6. Nurses: Lifting and moving patients along with other physical day to day routines may cause you to get injured on the job as a nurse.

  7. Police Officers: Officers are always on the move. Besides the dangerous aspects of their job, they also may be injured during a chase, or other daily duties, resulting in a sprain or worse.

  8. Firefighters: As another job that requires a lot of movement and high risk conditions, firefighters may also be subject to injury while on the job.

  9. Transit Workers: As driving requires prolonged periods of time sitting, holding a wheel, and potentially accidents; transit workers are common patients we see for occupational physical therapy.

  10. Office Workers: Sitting at a desk all day long is by far healthy for anyone. From bad posture to carpal tunnel, office workers are also common patients at Evolve Physical Therapy in NYC.

Have You Been Injured on The Job? Physical Therapy and Workers Compensation Claims

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An injury at work can often mean that until your recovery, you will be out of a job for some time.

As if your injury was not stressful enough as it is, now someone has to cover for you while you focus on regaining what you may have lost. Luckily, a lot of these industries with frequent on the job injuries often have plans in place for you if you have been hurt at the workplace. Some may even cover the cost for your occupational therapy treatment.

At Evolve, we can work with you and your employer to help get you back on the job as soon as possible.

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