How Can Physical Therapy Help with Pain and Discomfort Caused by Scoliosis?

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Have you struggled with finding the right treatment plan for your scoliosis? At Evolve, we want to see you find relief from any discomfort caused by your condition. If you or someone that you care about are looking for innovative physical therapy treatment methods that can help alleviate your pain, you’ve come to the right place.

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What is Scoliosis?  

In simple terms, scoliosis is a condition that causes your spine to move to the side and turn. When viewing your spine on an x-ray, it may appear to have an “s” or a “c” shape. Scoliosis is a medical condition that is often detected during a physical examination and cannot be prevented. However, there are many fantastic physical therapy treatments and plans that can assist in increasing your function and mobility.  

Common Symptoms of Scoliosis

While scoliosis can sometimes be pain free for some individuals, for others that is simply not the case. Below are some of the many ways that this condition may cause you irritation or discomfort.

  • Scoliosis can alter your alignment and posture

  • Pain can occur with certain movements or activities

  • You may notice that you have an uneven hip or waist line

  • Pain can occur in the following areas: spine, shoulders, pelvis, and hips

  • Your shoulders may appear to be uneven


Combat Scoliosis Pain with Advanced Physical Therapy Treatment Options

There is a wide variety of options out there for treating your scoliosis. Some of these would include: surgery, bracing, and physical therapy. However, a physical therapist can provide an individualized treatment plan at any time during the many phases of your Scoliosis. We can complete a full evaluation to access how the condition is affecting your body, your overall range of motion, and any other limitations that may be present.


Here are just a few of the innovative approaches that we implement with physical therapy for the treatment of scoliosis:

The Schroth Method:

This ingenious method will directly access spinal movement and muscle tightness that is caused by scoliosis. Each exercise will be tailored to benefit the unique spinal curvature of each patient. The goal of these types of exercises is to help alleviate pain and stop the curve progression of your spine and make scoliosis more manageable.

Strength Training:

At Evolve, we use strength training exercises to help build the muscles surrounding your spine back up. This type of training will be completely customized to fit the needs of your specific condition.

Range of Motion Exercises:

We can also develop and implement a plan consisting of simple range of motion exercises to help prevent, or treat any limitations caused by your scoliosis.

Manual Therapy:

Our team of dedicated physical therapists in NYC can also manually help you restore motion to joints and affected tissue. By using our hands to direct you, we can help you retain any movement patterns that you may have lost. Manual therapy has been proven to also reduce pain in those damaged tissues.

The types of treatment listed above are just some of the many options out there for reducing pain or tightness caused by scoliosis. At Evolve, we understand that each body is different. We will evaluate your individual condition to form the right treatment plan for you.

Alternative Treatment Methods for Scoliosis

If you are suffering from scoliosis it may be recommended that a brace be worn in order to prevent your condition from worsening. Wearing a brace can limit the progression of spinal curves. If your scoliosis is severe, your health professionals may even recommend considering spinal surgery or fusion to lessen the curve of your spine.  

Are you suffering from pain or dysfunction caused by scoliosis?  

Here at Evolve, we provide the most up to date treatments and techniques for treating pain and discomfort caused by scoliosis. Our dedicated team of therapists will work with you to implement a custom physical therapy plan to help you start seeing results, and improve your mobility. We will provide expert treatment and advice for you during any phase of your scoliosis condition.

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