Evolve Physical Therapy Updates New Location in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Evolve Physical Therapy Relocates One Clinic to New Location in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Hello from the team at Evolve Physical Therapy!

Park-Slope physical therapy

We wanted to send out an update to confirm with  everyone that we do in fact have a 3rd location. The newly updated physical therapy clinic is located in Parkslope, Brooklyn on the front side of Harbor Fitness!

About Our 3 Physical therapy Clinic Locations:

Our very first location is in the Marine Park neighborhood in Brooklyn and offers two studios. One of the studios is focused on healing existing physical issues and conditions while the second studio is solely devoted to specialized strength training . Move between the two as you improve your physical wellness. Relax with complimentary coffee, tea and spa water.

Our first Harbor Fitness location, also known as Evolve's 2nd physical therapy clinic, is located in the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. At this specific location, Evolve offers both advanced holistic physical therapy services and specialized fitness programs by our friendly, personable staff, while utilizing the latest in cutting edge physical therapy equipment and state of the art fitness technology.

Why we opened up a 3rd location? Convenience for YOU of course!

Our 3rd addition to the Evolve Physical Therapy locations list is located at Evolve's second Harbor Fitness location in Park Slope, Brooklyn. At this new location we focus specifically on strength training and strength development as a method of injury rehabilitation and injury prevention. 

In short, Evolve's physical therapists will assist you with a personalized physical therapy program to get you back feeling 100% better! 

Check out our new Park Slope Physical Therapy Clinic

New Physical Therapy Services Now Offered by Evolve's Personable and Professional Physical Therapists-

Offering physical therapy services and individualized treatment programs for different parts of the body including- carpel tunnel, planter fasciitis,  hand therapy, TMJ, neck tension, muscle tightness, tight calf muscles, prehab, post surgery recovery and care, specialized sports treatment physical therapy programs, soft tissue therapy, and pediatric physical therapy programs for kids and growing teenagers.

Benefits of Using Evolve's Physical Therapy Services-

There are many potential health benefits of receiving holistic physical therapy treatments, massage therapies, chiropractic sessions, and other types of therapy treatments. Some of the benefits include: increases in blood and oxygen flow to problematic areas, increased flexibility, reduces stiffness, improves range of motion, increases optimal muscle function, reduces pain levels associated with injuries and conditions, improves success with chronic pain management programs, increases injury recovery times, assists with injury prevention, enhances overall physical performance, etc.

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“Our ultimate goal At Evolve is to utilize core techniques and offer a wide range of specialized treatments to reduce pain, improve mobility, and enhance physical strength”.  Louis Ezrick, CEO of Evolve Physical Therapy.

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About Evolve Physical Therapy

Brooklyn’s Premier Holistic Physical Therapy Clinics-

There’s physical therapy, there’s training, and then there’s EVOLVE. We use the science of bio-mechanics merged with fitness to help our patients get better and stay better!

First we evaluate, then we heal, then we strengthen our clients so they can reach their goals, feel better, and live happier lives. We do so by utilizing a range of core techniques and specialized treatments to reduce pain, improve mobility, enhance physical strength and deal with the underlying issues, not just the pain itself.

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