Sports Physical Therapy

What is Sports Physical Therapy?

As an athlete, you may need physical therapy for an injury over the course of your career. You may also decide to take part in physical therapy exercises to improve your athletic performance. At Evolve, we provide a wide array of sports physical therapy services to help you improve and maintain your athletic skill levels.

What Can You Expect from Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

When you come to Evolve for our sports therapy services you can expect us to take the following into account when developing your recovery plan: the type and severity of your injury, the requirements of your sport, and your individual body mechanics. 

Our sports physical therapy services will incorporate multiple strengthening exercises to help you recover from your injury. The Evolve team can also teach you preventative exercises so that you can avoid re-injury. 

What physical therapy services does Evolve offer for athletes?

Sports Rehab

Prehabilitation: Prehabilitation, or prehab, is a great way to prevent injury during your athletic training. By incorporating the stretches and exercises that are included with prehab you can also begin to increase your athletic performance. 

Manual Therapy: Manual therapy is a hands-on type of physical therapy that is used to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with your injuries. It can also help to improve your mobility in any of your affected areas.

Deep Tissue Massage: With a deep tissue massage we use pressure to treat the affected tissues to release any small knots that have formed, and to relieve stiff muscles.

Why should you see a sports physical therapist?

If you have a sports related injury it is important that you find a facility that is built to fulfill your needs. By seeing a certified sports physical therapist, and attending a facility that has a lot of experience treating sports injuries (like us at Evolve), you will be setting yourself up for a much faster recovery. While every injury brings its own set of unique challenges, our team is prepared to get you back into the best shape of your life.

At most physical therapy facilities that are able to treat athletic injuries, you will have access to the equipment and experienced specialists that you need to recover.

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The Most Common Sports Injuries

Pulled Muscles: A pulled muscle is probably the most common sporting injury. Whether you did not warm up properly, or maybe you have over exerted yourself at practice, these are not a fun injury to have.

Runner’s Knee: If you are a runner, athletic or recreational, you may have experienced runner’s knee. Manual therapy treatments can be beneficial to reducing this pain in and around your knees.

Shoulder Injuries: If you play a sport that actively uses your shoulder like baseball, volleyball, or tennis you may experience some type of shoulder injury. If you must have surgery, or your injury persists, then physical therapy is a great option to help promote healing.

Shin Splints: These frequently occur in athletes who spend a lot of time running. These pains occur near your shin bone and can be treated with stretching and icing. 

Achilles Tendonitis: Another injury that is popular among sports that require frequent running, Achilles tendonitis can occur when your calf muscles have been overused. To prevent this condition from occurring, prehab exercises are a great place to start.

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Sports physical therapy

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